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Absonite World, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998 $1.25

INSIDE: Personal Corporate Commerial Royal Community Commentary Terminology



WILTON, CT -- It's a miracle! There's a spider living in the Wilton Public School that's written the word "TERRIFIC" in it's cobweb. It's just amazing! It's a wonder! Scientists have been consulted to study these new phenomenon. Photographers were able to capture a few glimpses of the story as it unfolded. Absonite was commissioned to create the multistaged, carved and shaded centerpiece artwork, and surrounded it with the highly detailed line art etchings on the 72'' x 72'', 3/8'' thick laminated safety glass with flat polished edges.

The highly detailed cross hatched line art was used as a border. Each orginal Garth Williams illustration was scanned from the book in the highest resolution, and enlarged films were created. Absonite's photo etching process includes creating materials which are made and applied to the glass, and the graphics are carefully frosted with 100% of the original detail being transferred. This unique process permits highly detailed graphics or photos to be transferred to the glass.

Absonite removed and reinstalled an existing 1/4'' lite of tempered glass to the opposite side of the existing 4'' metal window frame.

The etched laminated safety glass was installed in the original frame opening with the etched surface of the glass sealed on the inside of the window frame. This protects the etchings from the children's touch and for easy maintainance. No further web writings have been sighted since Charlotte's children have taken over the neighborhood. We'll check back to see their progress as it developes further.

moving photo animation of Charlette's Web Etched Glass

photo caption: A different version of the World Wide Web...Charlotte's Web.


"10 YEARS!"

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Absonite Glassworks is proud to celebrate its tenth anniversary of making high quality carved and etched specialty glass, satisfying corporate, commerical, residential, and artistic clientel.

Offering all the benefits of a large company... with all the personal service of a small company. We can help realize the plan and enhance the ambience of projects, of which etched glass is a part. Celebrate the year by creating something personally satisfying!


"World Wide Web"

WORLDWIDE - Introducing the Absonite Website. Available worldwide, 24 hours a day, via the World Wide Web, this newsletter is on line!!!!

In full color, motion and sound, wherever possible. Just click on the pictures for color, and again for motion, or use the links at the bottom of the page for a fast view. looks at the past, the present, and the future of working with you. But we won't spoil the fun here, you'll have to experience it for yourself. : )

<moving animation of Absonite Logo circling the planet Earth>

photo caption: A Frame from the Absonite Internet website at



Absonite World,Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Page 2


"Victorian Bath"

DARIEN, CT - At left are the 2) 32'' x 48'', 1/4'' laminated safety glass windows. Made with a fine frosted background, clear Victorian borders and center details inside glue chipped oval patterns. These panels are used between rooms requiring privacy and decoration in this Victorian Spa.

Absonite's glue chipped glass is a unique natural texture that completely obscurres a view while playing a symphony of dazzling light. This classic window design was provided by the Interior Designer acting as liaison between the residents, general contractor and Absonite Glassworks, helping the clients realize their creative ideal for the shore side home.

<moving photos of Victorian Bath etched room dividing glass>


"Doors & Windows"

FAIRFIELD, CT - The Sequoia Trees shown at right are 2) 20'' x 38'' template cut 1/4'' laminated safety glass door windows etched with a fine frosted background and clear Sequoia tree details. The glazier made firm templates of the windows for accurately cutting the safety glass.

An extraordinary effect is achieved as the seasons change; so too do the colors of the actual tree leaves outdoors as seen through the clear glass. The tree design was extracted from a photo the residents provided of a favorite and unique tree outside their home. An Absonite artist sat with the client at the computer to put the finishing digital touches on the design for balance and fullness.

<color photo of Sequoia Trees etched door lites with colorful new england fall colors being revealed through the remaining clear glass in the shape of the Sequoia Trees.>


"Cabinet Appointment"

MILFORD, CT -- The grapevine detail (far left) shows the multistaged etching of the leafy grapevine on a frame. Each leaf has a distinct carved edge while the leafy insides are shaded. The grapes are absent by the client's request.

Notice how the leaves overlap each other and the trellis. This is produced by combining the etching techniques of carving and shading. Absonite created the 2) 18'' x 38'', using 1/4'' laminated safety glass. The asymmetrical etched vine and trellis pattern enhance a cozy residential setting.

In other cabinet news, Absonite provides "clear textured" glass from around the world for cabinets, each with own unique style and pattern. A variety of textured and rolled glass patterns are available. Many are hand crafted using old world techniques. These elegant obscure glass types offer a textural alternative to traditional clear glass in cabinets.

<color photo of grape vines in carved in etched glass>

Absonite World, Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Page 3

"Fawns & Forrest"

WILTON, CT - The client has great taste, and a goal... to obscure the view of the contents of the cabinets, but also enhance the environment with whimsical decoration! That's fun and function. The client provided wallpaper trim supplying the prancing deer elements. The deer were integrated with Tiffany style leafy branches and french fern foliage. This original artwork carries the decorative motif with custom flair.

inset text: The result: a lovely kitchen counter area.

The recessed spotlights play a dual role to provide light for food and light the etched glass. Etching on the outside surface of the glass eliminates all reflections from the glass surface. Water spot sealer i s available by request, for easy maintenance and to protect the etchings.

<moving photos of Kitchen Cabinet Fawn & Forrest etched glass>

photo caption: Kitchen cabinets with fun and function, frosted background with clear and shaded elements.


"Grand Entrances"

NORTH HAVEN, CT - A grandiose statement was made by the client who called Absonite Glassworks to create these marvelous, 100" high glass doors lites. The reed and swan motif are deep carved and shaded using 3/8" thick laminated safety glass made into a 7/8" thick Insulated Glass unit with the carving sealed on the inside of the unit. This protects the etchings and offers excellent thermal insulation from the elements. This custom project was made even more personal with the inclusion of the client's family and surnames in the reeds.

<moving photos of swan etched entrance door glass>


"Original Tabletops"

GREENWICH, CT -- The Chinese Floral tabletop corner detail is pictured right. Absonite created artwork to match a highly detailed oriental rug in the client's living room. This deep carved detail was carved into the tabletop's underside. The carving, viewed through the glass, mutually accents the rug and enhances the oriental theme throughout the room. The glass table is a 3/4" thick, octagonal shape with a 1" bevel all around the edges. The glass thickness, custom ornate decoration and fine polished glass edges make a beautiful statement of taste.

<color photo of tabletop etching, corner detail view>


"Nautical Artwork"

CONNECTICUT -- One of the most requested forms of etched glass continues to be those with nautical themes. Due to the lovely Connecticut shoreline and proximity to marinas, the seafaring clients desire a year round reminder of their most personal enjoyments. Nautical Fun! Absonite takes artwork of your favorite vesel and transforms it into 3 dimensional etched glass. The perfect addition to your clubhouse!

<color photo of Bridgeport Yatch Club's 3 masted, 5 sail, sailing ship multistaged etching in glass>



Absonite World, Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Page 4


"GE Decorates"

STAMFORD, CT - Absonite created the etched glass for General Electric's recently aquired Stamford properties. The GE makeovers included etchings with a penchant for privacy and a unified detail throughout the interiors.

The architect's design of a 1/4'' border and 1'' square in each corner used both a frosted background with clear details for the majority of glass, and clear glass with frosted details for the top overhead windows. By using the same graphic and layout, but reversing the etching technique, two unique views of positive and negative etched glass were created on the 450+ pieces of glass. The top row of mostly clear lites creates an open airiness, while the lower two levels, mostly frosted lites, ensure complete privacy. This unique pattern was used on all entrances, stairway balustrades, conference rooms, offices, and executive suites throughout the facility. The clients were very pleased!

<moving photos of GE conference room etched glass>

photo caption: A General Electric conference room setting with Absonite Glass.

<color photo of GE etched glass corner detail>

photo caption: GE Detail, upper lites are clear glass with a frosted graphic, the lower are frosted with clear graphics.


"Wiggins & Dana"

STAMFORD, CT - Wiggins & Dana used Absonite to achieve stylish, understated privacy for their conference room. By etching 2 pieces of glass with different patterns and glazing them faced together, created a hi-gloss appearance from both sides of the doors. This maintanence free design is care of the architect.

<color photo Wiggins & Dana conference room etched glass>

<color photo Wiggins & Dana etched glass detail>

photo caption: Notice the overlapping densities of a fine solid frost. This is accomplished by overlapping different etched patterns face to face on multiple pieces of glass.


advertisement: Absonite Glassworks: carved, shaded, frosted, safety, tempered, laminated, insulated, gluechipped, beveled, mirrors, tabletops, curved glass, textured glass, spanrels, restoration, Chroma Fusion, 480 Barnum Av.-Suite 8, Bridgeport,CT 06608, studio: (203) 330-1134


Absonite World, Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Page 5

"Positive Energy"

NEW HAVEN & BRIDGEPORT, CT - The air was charged, our hairs on end, we saw their fax, when it was sent, yes yes that's why, billboards don't lie, their logo's changed, IT'S THE NEW U.I.

Absonite was hired to furnish, create, deliver and install the new UI's logo in their doorways using 1/4'' tempered safety glass, first in the New Haven offices, and then in the Bridgeport offices. The architects used the Positive/Negative effect of reversing the etching techniques for different pieces of glass depending on their desire for visability or privacy. Some doorways are mostly frosted and others are mostly clear. A Great Application!

<moving photos of United Illuminating glass entrance and etched logo>

photo caption: UI's Positive Energy frosted glass with clear logo details.


"Top Level"

STRATFORD, CT - Dictaphone's corporate signage, outside their elevators, perfectly displays the elegant Dictaphone logo. The glass signage is created on gray annealed glass with 1/2" beveled edges and 4) 1/4" drilled holes. The background behind the text is a solid fine frost on the front surface of the glass. Etching on the front surface of the glass eliminates reflections. The dark text is actually the unfrosted gray glass color beaming through. The photographic quality graphics of this corporate signage distinguishes this project from the more architectural applications of etched glass.

<moving photos of Dictaphone etched glass signage>

photo caption: Dictaphone: Voice & Data Management



"Executive Prowess"

EAST COAST, USA - An African King hired Absonite to create decorative carved glass for his U.S. home away from home. Including a carved and tempered shower enclosure, 2) tabletops, 48) french doorlites, and closet glass. While this client is confidential, we're sharing photo details of the etched glass products produced.

<color photo of Family Shield carved in all glass shower door, snake, tiger, skull, cross bones, spea, shield and crossed swords>

photo caption: For The KING: A personalized All Glass Carved & Tempered Shower Door. Its shape was cut from 1/2" plate, notched, drilled and polished. Absonite first deep carved and etched the glass, then the glass was safety tempered.

<color photo of Queen's closet sidelites etched with multistaged floral arrangement>

photo caption: For The QUEEN: Carved Multistage Floral patterns as closet side panels, using 1/4" laminated safety glass. Created in mirrored symmetry on clear glass, the motif captures light in the edges of the carving portraying three dimensional floral images.

<moving photos of King's closet details showing carved and etched Family text acroymn and african map>

<color photo closeup of King's Leopard detail from shower door>

photo caption: Detail from closet side panels for the King. Decorated by deep carving, shading and frosting.

<color photo of the King's crown etching, carved in glass>



Absonite World,Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Page 6


"Sacred Heart University"

TRUMBULL, CT - Sacred Heart University's recent renovation, expansion and new construction was an A+ upgrade. Featured here are Absonite Glassworks' custom aspects of the project. The etched tempered safety glass, 48" high aluminum partition posts, wood sills, delivery and installation were professionally provided and installed. The Sacred Heart graphic logo remained transparent glass surrounded by a fine solid frost to partition the food areas from the dining areas.

<moving photos of Sacred Heart University's cafeteria etched glass and aluminum posts installtion.>


"Saint Andrew's Rejoices"

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Saint Andrew's Church put the finishing touches on their beautiful outdoor chapel. The etchings were created on 3/8'' thick laminated safety cut in trapazoid shapes to fit the peaks of the backdrop behind the pulpit. The original artwork provided by the Deacon were detailed embroideries taken from vestiments.

The glass was first etched and then made into Insulated Glass units with the etchings sealed on the inside of the units to protect the etchings from the elements. The detail photos were taken at the Absonite Studio, but to see the etchings in all their brilliant beauty, you must see them in the outdoor chapel.

<color photos of Saint Andrew's outdoor chapel, pulpit and Hearts in etched glass>

photo caption: In Trumbull, St. Andrews adorns the outside chapel with the symbols for Mary and Jesus.


"Works In Progress"

WORLDWIDE - This area is dedicated to the project currently being worked on in the Absonite studio. Click on the photo and the most recent Quicktime movie or musical slideshow will begin. You may see your project being created here in this space...

This is absonite in that the images here displayed can be viewed simultaneously, at any time, in any time zone universally, and also absonite in that it depicts Absonite's elegant etched glass. Both meanings are descriptive of dimensions, of time and space, and of Absonite's etched glass. Absonite is proud to be a member of the universal community.

<Quicktime Movie of timelapse at Absonite Glassworks production studio, with Robert Johnson "Crossroads" blues guitar accompaniment>



Absonite World,Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Page 7


"Dollar Dry Dock"

TRUMBULL, CT - Dollar Dry Dock Real Estate of Trumbull Center, is wonderfully partitioned! The frosted tempered safety glass serves a fun and functional role in a serious work environment providing decoration and privacy. Note the contrast of the clear graphic surrounded by a fine solid frost.

The use of welded, all-brass, 2" diameter partition posts, polish off the room dividing panels, however these posts require no polishing because they've been permanently sealed.

<moving photos of Dollar Dry Dock etched glass and Brass Partition Post installtion>


"D'Errico's Mexican!!!"

NORTH HAVEN, CT - On February 3, 1995, D'Errico's Restaurant opened for the first time! The South Western decor includes Absonite's 10) 18" x 48", 1/4" thick laminated safety glass partitions, with frosted Zuni border design and chevron elements. The etched signage at the entrance is deep carved at the edges of the text to catch light, and shaded on the insides of the letters for contrast.

<color photo of dining room with etched glass transom lites>

<color photo of Derric's Restaurant logo carved, shaded and frosted in safety glass>


"Cadillac & Oldsmobile!-Drivin' In Style"

GREENWICH, CT - The Cadillac - Oldsmobile Dealer decided a change of scenery and lighting would make for a better work environment. The owners called their personal Interior Designer who knew of a good solution: "How about deep carved etched glass with the logos layered over frosted glass, back-lit with florescent lighting". Her vision resulted in an elegant, understated embossed effect.

Back-lit etched glass glows with pride accenting the Cadillac & Oldsmobile logos in an understated fashion. By layering the carved glass over the frosted glass, the florescent lights and fixtures were creatively diffused, softening the brilliantly carved logos.

<color photo of Cadillac & Oldsmobile show room with carved and frosted etched glass>

<color photo Cadillac & Oldsmobile carved logo detail in glass>

photo caption: The Greenwich Cadillac / Oldsmobile Dealership used etched glass as decorative signage and functional lighting for their showroom and offices.


The Small Print/Mast-head: Absonite Glassworks is located at: 480 Barnum Av.-Suite 8, The Bridgeport Trade And Technology Center, Bridgeport CT 06615 and also at: http// Owners, Authors and Staff Writers are: Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec. © 1998-2006 by Victoria L. Mullen and Daniel A. Nemec. Absonite and Absonite Glassworks are trademarks in the process of being registered. All other Logos and/or names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. No part of the publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or converted into any language, in full or in part without the written permission of the authors and copyright owners.



Absonite World,Volume 4, issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1998, Back Page 8


Leading the trend reversal from ordinary mundane glass use, Absonite Glassworks produces the finest specialty glass available. Servicing all facets of the construction industry, providing commercial, corporate, and residential clients with specialty glass for any project. Be it new building or renovation, Absonite is the source for quality etched glass.

Through our design process, prompt and competitive pricing, and quick lead times, we consistently and reliably produce a quality product. Our ability to supply and process all types of glass, of any size or shape, makes Absonite the preferred specialty glass supplier.

Generally, people are becoming more aware of the role of glass in their environments, and benefit from Absonite's skill, craftsmanship and technique, to create high quality etched glass. Many are discovering that glass can be enhanced to serve functionally. For privacy, etched glass allows available light to pass, while obscuring the view. Unlimited artistic expression in boundless aesthetic pursuit, is achieved through Absonite's disciplined control and processing.

Creating three dimensional reverse relief sand carvings, that capture light in it's sparkling iridescence, makes a classic statement of style that speaks for itself with distinction and taste.

It's taken for granted that glass is to be seen through, not looked at. This is where Absonite's trend reversal from ordinary glass use, to fun and functional glass use becomes apparent. Architectural art glass manufacturing is what we do.

Absonite offers significant savings by utilizing the experience gained from every previous project. That wisdom is incorporated into every new project.

Working on both wholesale and retail levels, we'll work with you or your client to develop a coherent design based on your tastes and direction. Often we work directly with the end client on a design level to ensure their satisfaction, while billing is done through your company as part of your custom service.

We make it easy to fulfill any client's requests for unique architectural details. Absonite Glassworks welcomes new clients who are interested in etched and specialty glass for all applications.


Etched Glass Terminology

Etching - refers to abrading the glass surface; changing the surface of glass with a micro-abrasive; including frosting, carving or shading glass.

Frosting - an even, solid etch, frosted white; good for privacy.

Carving - a deep etch which gives a three dimensional appearance by catching light in the edges; bas relief.

Shading - an uneven frosting technique, usually used to create an image of depth without carving; a sophisticated alternative to frosting.

Resist - a special coating on glass that will resist abrasion.

Multistaging - the layering of stages to create the image of one element in front of another element; e.g., some rose petals being over other petals to give a three dimensional effect. This process is used with carving or shading techniques.

Gluechipping - a surface process which resembles an icy frost on the surface of the glass; used to obscure the glass or as an artistic alternative.

Absonite, -1)Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2) Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.


<color photo of the King's crown etching, carved in glass>

photo caption: Detail from a Royal etching.

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