Absonite World

Volume 4, issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998

Page 4

STAMFORD, CT - Absonite created the etched glass for General Electric's recently aquired Stamford properties. The GE makeovers included etchings with a penchant for privacy and a unified detail throughout the interiors.

The architect's design of a 1/4'' border and 1'' square in each corner used both a frosted background with clear details for the majority of glass, and clear glass with frosted details for the top overhead windows. By using the same graphic and layout, but reversing the etching technique, two unique views of positive and negative etched glass were created on the 450+

A General Electric conference room setting with Absonite Glass.

pieces of glass. The top row of mostly clear lites

creates an open airiness, while the lower two levels,

mostly frosted lites, ensure complete privacy. This unique patter

n was used on all entrances, stairway balustrades,

conference rooms, offices, and executive suites throughout the f

acility. The clients were very pleased!

GE Detail, upper lites are clear glass with a frosted graphic, the lower are frosted with clear graphics.

Notice the overlapping densities of a fine solid frost. This is accomplished by overlapping different etched patterns face to face on multiple pieces of glass.

  • carved
  • shaded
  • frosted
  • safety
  • tempered
  • laminated
  • insulated
  • gluechipped
  • beveled
  • mirrors
  • tabletops
  • curved glass
  • textured glass
  • spanrels
  • restoration
  • Chroma Fusion

STAMFORD, CT - Wiggins & Dana used Absonite to achieve stylish, understated privacy for their conference room.

By etching 2 pieces of glass with different patterns and glazing them faced together, created a hi-gloss appearance from both sides of the doors.

This maintanence free design is care of the architect.


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