Absonite World

Volume 4, issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998

Page 5

NEW HAVEN & BRIDGEPORT, CT - The air was charged, our hairs on end, we saw their fax, when it was sent, yes yes that's why, billboards don't lie, their logo's changed, IT'S THE NEW U.I.

Absonite was hired to furnish, create, deliver and install the new UI's logo in their doorways using 1/4'' tempered safety glass, first in the New Haven offices, and then in the Bridgeport offices. The architects used the Positive/Negative effect of reversing the etching techniques for different pieces of glass depending on their desire for visability or privacy. Some doorways are mostly frosted and others are mostly clear. A Great Application!

UI's Positive Energy frosted glass with clear logo details.

STRATFORD, CT - Dictaphone's corporate signage, outside their elevators, perfectly displays the elegant Dictaphone logo. The glass signage is created on gray annealed glass with 1/2" beveled edges and 4) 1/4" drilled holes. The background behind the text is a solid fine frost on the front surface of the glass. Etching on the front surface of the glass eliminates reflections. The dark text is actually the unfrosted gray glass color beaming through. The photographic quality graphics of this corporate signage distinguishes this project from the more architectural applications of etched glass.

Dictaphone: Voice & Data Management

For The KING: A personalized All Glass Carved & Tempered Shower Door. Its shape was cut from 1/2" plate, notched, drilled and polished. Absonite first deep carved and etched the glass, then the glass was safety tempered.




For The QUEEN: Carved Multistage Floral patterns as closet side panels, using 1/4" laminated safety glass. Created in mirrored symmetry on clear glass, the motif captures light in the edges of the carving portraying three dimensional floral images.






Detail from closet side panels for the King. Decorated by deep carving, shading and frosting.




EAST COAST, USA - An African King hired Absonite to create decorative carved glass for his U.S. home away from home. Including a carved and tempered shower enclosure, 2) tabletops, 48) french doorlites, and closet glass. While this client is confidential, we're sharing photo details of the etched glass products produced.



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