Absonite World

Volume 4, issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998

Page 2

DARIEN, CT - At left are the 2) 32'' x 48'', 1/4'' laminated safety glass windows. Made with a fine frosted background, clear Victorian borders and center details inside glue chipped oval patterns. These panels are used between rooms requiring privacy and decoration in this Victorian Spa.

Absonite's glue chipped glass is a unique natural texture that completely obscurres a view while playing a symphony of dazzling light. This classic window design was provided by the Interior Designer acting as liaison between the residents, general contractor and Absonite Glassworks, helping the clients realize their creative ideal for the shore side home.

FAIRFIELD, CT - The Sequoia Trees shown at right are 2) 20'' x 38'' template cut 1/4'' laminated safety glass door windows etched with a fine frosted background and clear Sequoia tree details. The glazier made firm templates of the windows for accurately cutting the safety glass.

An extraordinary effect is achieved as the seasons change; so too do the colors of the actual tree leaves outdoors as seen through the clear glass.

The tree design was extracted from a photo the residents provided of a favorite and unique tree outside their home. An Absonite artist sat with the client at the computer to put the finishing digital touches on the design for balance and fullness.

MILFORD, CT -- The grapevine detail (far left) shows the multistaged etching of the leafy grapevine on a frame. Each leaf has a distinct carved edge while the leafy insides are shaded. The grapes are absent by the client's request.

Notice how the leaves overlap each other and the trellis. This is produced by combining the etching techniques of carving and shading. Absonite created the 2) 18'' x 38'', using 1/4'' laminated safety glass. The asymmetrical etched vine and trellis pattern enhance a cozy residential setting.

In other cabinet news, Absonite provides "clear textured" glass from around the world for cabinets, each with own unique style and pattern. A variety of textured and rolled glass patterns are available. Many are hand crafted using old world techniques. These elegant obscure glass types offer a textural alternative to traditional clear glass in cabinets.


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