Absonite World

Volume 4, issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998

Page 7

TRUMBULL, CT - Dollar Dry Dock Real Estate of Trumbull Center, is wonderfully partitioned! The frosted tempered safety glass serves a fun and functional role in a serious work environment providing decoration and privacy. Note the contrast of the clear graphic surrounded by a fine solid frost.

The use of welded, all-brass, 2" diameter partition posts, polish off the room dividing panels, however these posts require no polishing because they've been permanently sealed.

NORTH HAVEN, CT - On February 3, 1995, D'Errico's Restaurant opened for the first time! The South Western decor includes Absonite's 10) 18" x 48", 1/4" thick laminated safety glass partitions, with frosted Zuni border design and chevron elements. The etched signage at the entrance is deep carved at the edges of the text to catch light, and shaded on the insides of the letters for contrast.

The Greenwich Cadillac / Oldsmobile Dealership used etched glass as decorative signage and func- tional lighting for their showroom and offices.

GREENWICH, CT - The Cadillac - Oldsmobile Dealer decided a change of scenery and lighting would make for a better work environment. The owners called their personal Interior Designer who knew of a good solution: "How about deep carved etched glass with the logos layered over frosted glass, back-lit with florescent lighting". Her vision resulted in an elegant, understated embossed effect.

Back-lit etched glass glows with pride accenting the Cadillac & Oldsmobile logos in an understated fashion. By layering the carved glass over the frosted glass, the florescent lights and fixtures were creatively diffused, softening the brilliantly carved logos.

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