Absonite World

Volume 4, issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998

Page 3

ation! That's fun and function. The client provided wallpaper trim supplying the prancing deer elements. The deer were integrated with Tiffany style leafy branches and french fern foliage. This original artwork carries the decorative motif with custom flair.

The result: a lovely kitchen counter area.

The recessed spotlights play a dual role to provide light for food and light the etched glass.

Kitchen cabinets with fun and function, frosted background with clear and shaded elements.

Etching on the outside surface

of the glass eliminates all reflections from the glass surface. Water spot sealer

WILTON, CT - The client has great taste, and a goal... to obscure the view of the contents of the cabinets, but also enhance the environment with whimsical decor-

is available by request, for easy maintenance and to protect

the etchings.

NORTH HAVEN, CT - A grandiose statement was made by the client who called Absonite Glassworks to create these marvelous, 100" high glass doors lites. The reed and swan motif are deep carved and shaded using 3/8" thick laminated safety glass made into a 7/8" thick Insulated Glass unit with the carving sealed on the inside of the unit. This protects the etchings and offers excellent thermal insulation from the elements. This custom project was made even more personal with the inclusion of the client's family and surnames in the reeds.

GREENWICH, CT -- The Chinese Floral tabletop corner detail is pictured right. Absonite created artwork to match a highly detailed oriental rug in the client's living room. This deep carved detail was carved into the tabletop's underside. The carving, viewed through the glass, mutually accents the rug and enhances the oriental theme throughout the room. The glass table is a 3/4" thick, octagonal shape with a 1" bevel all around the edges. The glass thickness, custom ornate decoration and fine polished glass edges make a beautiful statement of taste.

CONNECTICUT -- One of the most requested forms of etched glass continues to be those with nautical themes. Due to the lovely Connecticut shoreline and proximity to marinas, the seafaring clients desire a year round reminder of their most personal enjoyments. Nautical Fun! Absonite takes artwork of your favorite vesel and transforms it into 3 dimensional etched glass. The perfect addition to your clubhouse!

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