Absonite World

Volume 4, issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998

Page 6

TRUMBULL, CT - Sacred Heart University's recent renovation, expansion and new construction was an A+ upgrade. Featured here are Absonite Glassworks' custom aspects of the project. The etched tempered safety glass, 48" high aluminum partition posts, wood sills, delivery and installation were professionally provided and installed. The Sacred Heart graphic logo remained transparent glass surrounded by a fine solid frost to partition the food areas from the dining areas.

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Saint Andrew's Church put the finishing touches on their beautiful outdoor chapel. The etchings were created on 3/8'' thick laminated safety cut in trapazoid shapes to fit the peaks of the backdrop behind the pulpit. The original artwork provided by the Deacon were detailed embroideries taken from vestiments.

The glass was first etched and then made into Insulated Glass units with the etchings sealed on the inside of the units to protect the etchings from the elements. The detail photos were taken at the Absonite Studio, but to see the etchings in all their brilliant beauty, you must see them in the outdoor chapel.

In Trumbull, St. Andrews adorns the outside chapel with the symbols for Mary and Jesus.

WORLDWIDE - This area is dedicated to the project currently being worked on in the Absonite studio. Click on the photo and the most recent Quicktime movie or musical slideshow will begin. You may see your project being created here in this space...

This is absonite in that the images here displayed can be viewed simultaneously, at any time, in any time zone universally, and also absonite in that it depicts Absonite's elegant etched glass. Both meanings are descriptive of dimensions, of time and space, and of Absonite's etched glass. Absonite is proud to be a member of the universal community.


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Absonite removed and reinstalled an existing 1/4'' lite of tempered glass to the opposite side of the existing 4'' metal window frame.

The etched laminated safety glass was installed in the original frame opening with the etched surface of the glass sealed on the inside of the window frame. This protects the etchings from the children's touch and for easy maintainance. No further web writings have been sighted since Charlotte's children have taken over the neighborhood. We'll check back to see their progress as it developes further.


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