Volume 4, Issue 1

2nd Quarter 1998



Personal Corporate Commerial Royal

WILTON, CT -- It's a miracle! There's a spider living in the Wilton Public School that's written the word "TERRIFIC" in it's cobweb. It's just amazing! It's a wonder! Scientists have been consulted to study these new phenomenon. Photographers were able to capture a

few glimpses of the story as it unfolded. Absonite was commissioned to create the multistaged, carved and shaded centerpiece artwork, and surrounded it with the highly detailed line art etchings on the 72'' x 72'', 3/8'' thick laminated safety glass with flat polished edges.

The highly detailed cross hatched line art was used as a border. Each orginal Garth Williams illustration was scanned from the book in the highest resolution, and enlarged films were created. Absonite's photo etching process includes creating materials which are made and applied to the glass, and the graphics are carefully frosted with 100% of the original detail being transferred. This unique process permits highly detailed graphics or photos to be transferred to the glass.

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- 10 YEARS -

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Absonite Glassworks is proud to celebrate its tenth anniversary of making high quality carved and etched specialty glass, satisfying corporate, commerical, residential, and artistic clientele.

Offering all the benefits of a large company... with all the personal service of a small company. We can help realize the plan and enhance the ambience of projects, of which etched glass is a part. Celebrate the year by creating something personally satisfying!

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