Absonite World

Volume 5, issue 1

3rd Quarter 2003

Page 4

Etched Executive Suite Entrance; World Wrestling Federation.

STAMFORD, CT -- The World Wrestling Federation's executive suite, headquartered in Stamford, recently renovated from the ground up. Shown are inside and outside views of the suite entrance. Notice the dramatic difference between fluorescent and incandescent lighting and how lighting effects coloring the glass in the environment.
The bold "WW" etched design created by the architect lets you know at a glance just where you are.
Working with the client's glaziers, Absonite provided the service of etching the details with a fine solid frost.

TRUMBULL, CT -- Pond's area for personal consultation. This dramatic yet subtle signage uses the soft appearance of frosted glass with contrasting clear glass logo, through which a carefully faux painted background shows through.
Through the use of recessed down spot lighting, and additional floor lighting, the softness of finely frosted glass is enhanced which helps to create a relaxed mood. The project required 1) 65" x 101", 1/4" thick tempered safety glass, with a fine solid frost, frosted text logo, and logo background remaining clear glass.


Clear glass detail lines align with motifs in the room's wall coverings.

Greenwich, CT -- Where privacy is the first and foremost priority: a Fine Solid Frost completely obscures the view.
Use of translucent etched glass offers a soft warm glow in contrast with textural interiors.

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