Absonite World

Volume 5 issue 1

3rd Quarter 2003

Page 5

STAMFORD, CT -- Absonite was hired to create, deliver and install the new SSARIS etched glass signage for use in the doorways using 1/4'' laminated safety glass, with carved text and SSARIS logo.
Located at what was formerly known as the RXR Group, the new SSARIS graphic makes an understated message letting you know where you are the moment you're there! The custom fine crafted mahogany wood doors frame and accentuate Absonite's carved glass signage depicting the SSARIS text graphics. The RXR logo remains in view for it's artistic and sentimental values.

SSARIS etched glass signage entrance in Stamford CT.

MILFORD, CT -- New Products, New Owners and a New Look! Absonite was hired by the GC to fabricate and deliver the completed glass to the Connecticut manufacturing facility.
The graphics are deep carved into low iron glass and edgelit with recessed lighting, with the corporate identity blue color behind the etchings. The Low Iron glass permits light within the glass to travel farther than traditional annealed glass. The photographic quality graphics of the corporate signage distinguishes this project from the more architectural applications of etched glass.

EAST COAST, USA -- Since every job is custom, every project is unique. Some projects are more unique than others. It's in the application of custom etched glass that one finds and satisfies their own

Alexandria,VA: MetropolitanENT head and neck surgeons, used 1/2" thick annealed glass, with a template cut shape and pencil polished edges to convey their precision logo carving. The etching in the edgelit glass glows a bright green. The green tint of glass is due to it's iron content.

Washington, DC: Allied Signal logo etched on flask, and bottom of flask removed by carving. The flask was then filled with a tiny tree, Christmas and holiday trinkets and toys, then photographed and used as a Corporate Holiday Greeting Card.

Cape Cod, MA: A military family commissioned an etching to bring some beach into their beach house... The etching captures the perspective and natural setting of the client's favorite views, creating a privacy screen between the kitchen and the formal dining room.

Hartford, CT:
sidelites next to the fireplace contain the claddagh, demonstrating the Irish heritage in etched glass. The stone cottage's front door uses frosted glass with vine motif and snowflake center detail in clear glass to warm the heart, and retain full privacy.

unique and creative inclinations.
However varied or extravagant your tastes are for personal enjoyment, express it in a unique way with custom etched glass by Absonite Glassworks.


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