Absonite World

Volume 5, issue 1

3rd Quarter 2003

Page 6

HARTFORD, CT -- The City Of Hartford completed it's renovation and Absonite provided the beautiful new Town Seals in elegant multistaged deep carved etchings.
The artwork for the seals while looking great in print in miniature size, needed to be carefully reworked digitally at full size to allow a true three dimensional rendering in etched glass. Part of Absonite's service and dedication to high quality.
The majesty and grace of the Hartford City Building is in good company with Absonite Glassworks.

MAHOPAC, NY -- Saint John The Evangelist Church created an ornately detailed transom glass and dedicated it to the Blessed Sisters Of Mercy.
The transom etching was created using 3/8'' thick laminated safety glass cut in a rectangular shape to fit the overhead transom area located in the elementary school doorway. The original crest of the school artwork was provided and modified by Absonite to create this fine dedication transom etching. The etching uses the shading technique weaved throughout the decorative ribbon details.
The detail photos were taken at the Absonite Studio, but to see the etchings in all their brilliant beauty, you must see them at the entrance to the school gymnasium.

St. John's School, Mahopac, NY


WORLDWIDE -- This area is dedicated to the project currently being worked on in the Absonite studio. Click on the photo and the most recent MPEG video, QuickTime movie or slideshow will begin. You may see your project being created here in this space...
This is absonite in that the images here displayed can be viewed simultaneously, at any time, in any time zone universally, and also absonite in that it depicts Absonite's elegant etched glass. Both meanings are descriptive of dimensions, of time and space, and of Absonite's etched glass. Absonite is proud to be a member of the universal community.

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...the hill. Absonite Glassworks unique photographic etching process

permits highly detailed artwork to be transferred into beautiful etched glass. A great deal of care and attention was payed to even the smallest details. The grand opening celebration at the Saugatuck Westport School closes the door on the old and begins again a new with an "Up Front"!!!

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