Absonite World

Volume 5, issue 1

3rd Quarter 2003

Page 7

BRIDGEPORT, CT -- Famous for it's Pizza! Also true of Absonite's custom etched glass. 20) 3/8" thick tempered safety and laminated safety glass types, template cut shapes and polished edges. Two types of dining rooms required two types of well matched artwork, casual and formal.
Absonite's use of custom welded 2" diameter all-brass partition posts, polish off the room dividing panels. However, these posts are permanently sealed and require no polishing.

EAST HAVEN, CT -- Absonite's etched glass compliments the Manhattan Fitness theme. Both a Statue of Liberty AND an Empire State Building adorns the fitness center. Privacy in the aerobic rooms dictated the use of frosted glass with clear logos. Whereas clear glass with frosted logos is used in all the doors. The reception area glass divider welcomes members, reduces noise, and allows the receptionist an open view.

Penny's Diner in Fairfield adorned with gracious etchings of mythological characters. Each Seating has it's own story.

FAIRFIELD, CT -- Having such good taste, the owner's provided the line art for their etchings portraying historical Greek mythological scenes for their Penny's Diner located in Fairfield.
The Greek multistaged carvings interact with even low light settings, as the three dimensional carvings catch any available light.
Examples of the characters in the etched scenes include Zues... Apollo... the Vulcan... and others, Athena... Orpheus... and Horse and Chariots.

A beautiful environment to enjoy dinner with ambiance. On this project, Absonite provided the services of interpreting the line art and etching the lovely three dimensional relief carvings; the glass itself, hardware and installation was provided by the client's glazing company. What better place to have good taste in fine etched glass art ...than at Penny's Diner! (see page 8 for additional Penny's Diner Etchings)

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