Absonite World

Volume 5, issue 1

3rd Quarter 2003

Page 3

Submerged with underwater coral reef etchings.

COLCHESTER, CT -- The client's goal to create decorative etched glass to withstand the test of time was fulfilled .
The artwork for the etchings was inspired by Joanne Book's work, a Florida painter famous for her underwater scenes. The new art required significant interpretation for three dimensional relief carving.
This project took about 4 months to complete including line art preparation for the
5) approx. 60" x 72", laminated,

coral reef etchings, and the

1) 65" x 75" tropical etching overlooking the jacuzzi. Long lead times allow far more detail to be included.
The fish etchings are quite accurate in their portrayal of their actual fish counterparts. These coral etchings display the different coral species quite accurately.

Fancy Carousel etching for the nursery.


SOUTHPORT, CT -- Decorating for the new addition of a "child" to the family spawned the need for an additional room. The design was lifted from a furniture fabric and converted into etchable line art for the client. The glass is fitted in the doorway transom to adorn the room entrance.
As light passes through the room the etched glass takes on many different moods. The carousel motif used in a garden setting is both playful and elegant. The bear, ducks and horse enjoy the ride while the monkey has all the fun swinging.



GREENWICH, CT -- Adorning the home of the Greenwich residents, these vertical etched lites are 4) matching doorway sidelights for the "his and hers" commodes. The pattern on the left is a fine solid frost with the floral graphic remaining clear glass.
The hanging basket etchings shown to the right, contain the floral cornucopia motif etchings. These room dividing windows frame the jacuzzi in the center, of this luxurious master bath.
Absonite created the floral bouquet hanging baskets artwork to catch the plentiful available light, decorate the room spaces with elegant etchings, and convey a hint of privacy. These deep carved floral details stand out quite vividly. Brilliant!

An etched floral bouquet with carved, frosted and shaded details.

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