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Absonite World, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2nd Quarter 1994, $1.25, © 1992-2006, Absonite Glassworks, All Rights Reserved.




BRIDGEPORT, CT - On January 10, 1993, just 2 days shy of the HAL 9000's 1st birthday, Keir Dullea, star of the feature film "2001: a Space Odyssey", visited Absonite Glassworks. Keir Dullea commissioned Absonite to create a lovely etched tabletop. Absonite made the custom side tabletop to match an existing set. The classic Victorian design was etched using the finest abrasive.

Keir commented, "You do wonderful work". While looking into the face of what was Dr. David Bowman, one gets a feeling of the infinite. While it's not 2001 yet, we are able to see the future by watching the movie. At the end of the movie, the viewer sees the present, the future, and the past... all at once! Seeing Keir Dullea at our shop in the present, while watching him as David Bowman as he was in 1969 when the picture was made, depicting the year 2001... while we are all in the present at this exact moment... Wow!

After Keir left Absonite's studio, a mysterious monolith suddenly appeared where he had been standing. As if that wasn't enough to scare the dickens out of someone, the familiar strains of Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra"- the theme music from "2001"- began to emanate from the monolith. At that moment, we knew "something wonderful" was happening in Bridgeport.

[Photgraph of Victoria Mullen wearing protective equipment and breathing apparatus closely resembling the outfit worn in Space Odyssey]

Shown above is Victoria Mullen donning the necessary breathing equipment needed to create custom etched glass safely. Notice the similarity to the spacesuits worn in the movie "2001".




TRUMBULL, CT - The Discovery Museum celebrated their "Grand" Re-Opening on October 3, with the work of Absonite Glassworks on permanent display. The 48" x 48", 3/8" thick laminated safety panel is an original rendering of Leonardo da Vinci's study of man's proportions, and serves as a design motif for the Discovery Museum's new rennovation and addition.

The da Vinci etching utilizes the combined etching techniques of deep carved multistaging, frosting and shading to achieve a new artwork of true depth. Admire the shading techniques used in the muscles. Shading can look translucent or give the appearance of depth. Absonite's interpretation of da Vinci's line art allows light to interact with the glass to brilliantly glow in 3D. Either direct sunlight or incandescent spot lighting, the light is captured in the depth of the carving.

During the development of the da Vinci piece, the inclusion (or exclusion) of the genitals as da Vinci had drawn them became an issue. How should that area be interpreted into etched glass to be the least offensive? Subtle shading was the answer.

Though not as classic as the da Vinci, the main signage over the front entrance succeeds with the drama of a high visibility sign. Using the finest solid frost for the background and the clear letters, formed a high contrast sign for the patrons of the museum. The most subtle of Absonite's work are overhead partition panels seperating the first and second floors. These panels are etched using the rectangular motif prominent throughout the new addition.

In attendence at the Grand re-opening were Mrs. Joseph Ganim, Robert Frankle, and many supporters of the Discovery Museum.

[Photograph of Absonite Glassworks' multistaged etching of Davinci's, Proportions Of Man]

On permanent display, the Discovery Museum's Leonardo da'Vinci, a study of man's proportions, recreated in 3D by Absonite Glassworks.

[Photograph of The Discovery Museum's main entrance way being re-opened with a crowd and ribbon cutting, with Absonite Glassworks custom etched signage overhead above the gathering.]

The Discovery Museum on the Grand re-opening. The project includes Absonite's etched glass for art, signage and lighting.


The Engineer is on the case!

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Located at Absonite's production studio as an etched display piece, the M. C. Escher, Study of Perspective, is truly an engineer's dilemma. Shown sitting in the lower left of the photo, the engineer contemplates the design and application of etched glass. This graphic is an example of Escher's changing points of perspective. Notice how the columns on the first floor are intertwined. Absonite chose this art because of it's depth, intrigue and allure. (See Detail on back page.)

The people and building in the M.C. Escher are deep carved and multi-staged in 3D relief. The carving looks best when lit. The backround is a combination of carving and shading to enhance without distraction. The ceilings under the domes are excellent examples of shading. By using all the etching techniques, a new artwork of dimension is achieved.

[photograph of Absonite Glassworks' M.C. Escher's "Study Of Perspective". A multi perspective view using multiple etching techniques, of an impossible to built but possible to render, building with stairs, ladders, and floors. Exquisite Etched Glass at it's best]


Bpt. Hospital

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Located on the first floor is The Auxillary Coffee Shop. Look at the photo and tell me what you don't see (besides missing people)... Down in the back of the restaurant, there is an alley way between the buildings. While wanting to obscure the view, yet not eliminate the daylight, solidly frosted glass enhanced the environment. By replacing the existing clear glass with new frosted, tempered safety glass, the project made a change that the patrons don't notice, but appreciate. Privacy is guaranteed, light is allowed to pass, and the effect is understated.

[photograph of a coffee shop dining area with booths, at the rear of the shop are solidly frosted glass lites obscurring the view behind the glass]

Bridgeport Hospital's Coffee Shop


Brush & Floss!

STRATFORD, CT - At the dentists' office of Hoos & Zitnay, located at 4949 Main St., their etched motto is "Brush & Floss®". The 1/4" thick laminated safety, 96" x 48" glass room divider, is etched with the dentists' registered trademarked logo. This piece is an adorned sound barrier in the receptionist's area. The project used multiple etching techniques to make a big, bold impression on patients young and old. Letter outlines were carved and the insides of the letters are a solid frost. This etched signage serves as a reminder to kids of all ages to "Brush & Floss".

[photograph of Brush & Floss! etched office partition window, the outline of the letters are carved, and the inside of the letters are a solid frost.]

Interior dividing window acts as a sound barrier with a message.

Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534




Fun & Function!

Etched glass has a long and glorious history as a vehicle for personal expression. The Shower Doors at left illustrates a contemporary application of creating privacy in the master bath. The etched glass in this project carried through an existing marble border detail which encircled the room.

The Chinese Floral Tabletop pictured below was commissioned by a Greenwich client. Absonite created artwork to match a highly detailed oriental rug in the client's living room deep carving the graphic into the tabletop's underside. The carving, viewed through the glass, mutually accents the oriental rug. The sources for personal expression in etched glass can be found anywhere!

The Textural Tabletop pictured lower left uses texture rather than complex graphics to make it's personal statement. This 3/4" tabletop com-bines a deep carved detail, with a coarse sparkling texture for a subtle embossed effect.

The Kitchen Tabletop pictured below uses both a satin frost and clear glass in a bold grid pattern motif. This motif was a recuring theme on the resident's first floor. Pictured lower right are cabinets which add both decoration and create privacy for the cabinet's contents.

Playful decoration was the inspiration for the Billiards Room door panels. The detail photo at right demonstrates the use of multi-technique etched glass.

The wood texture is created by the successful contrast between deep carving and delicate shading. The desire for privacy prompted the frosted background, while the technique of shading added detail and depth to the pool balls and pockets.

[photograph of a two entrance shower enclosure, etched with different patterns on each side of the glass. This creates overlapping densities of etched and clear areas. A detail line in the surrounding marble stone is carried through in the etched glass.]

SHOWER DOORS: these photos display a two entry shower enclosure designed by an architect. Made from templates, these 1/2" thick tempered shower doors are etched using a different abrasive on each side of the glass. A coarse frost on the inside graphic, and a fine frost on the outside graphic, together make an exaggerated overlap of dense white.

[photograph of a closeup detail of a 3/4" tabletop corner. 4 squares are deep carved and the whole lite etched with coarse abraisive. The coarse detail is lovely to see.]

TEXTURAL TABLETOP: A corner detail of a custom carved, 28" x 60", 3/4" thick glass tabletop with Flat Polished Edges all around. The four squares were first deep carved using our finest abrasive for a sharp edge. Then the underside of the glass was frosted solid with our coarse abrasive for it's textural beauty.

[photograph of a corner of a hexagonal table with 1" bevels, etched with a japanese floral pattern, using the multistaged etching techniques, carving, frosting and shading.]

CHINESE FLORAL TABLETOP: A detail photo of a custom carved, 3/4" thick octagonal tabletop with 1" bevel all around. This design was matched to the carpet design beneath it for an outstanding impact.

[photograph of 1/2" thick glass tabletop with a frosted grid consisting of 4" frosted squares and 3/8" clear grid lines. Set in a lovely country kitchen]

KITCHEN TABLETOP: Designed to match the cabinets pictured at right, the grid pattern was a recuring theme in the residents first floor decor. The tabletop was made 48" x 60", from 1/2" thick plate glass with a flat polished edge. Simple, understated and elegant, the residents were pleased with Absonite's commitment to detail.

[photograph of a custom cabinet glazed with frosted glass that is a grid pattern consisting of 1 1/2" frosted squares and 3/16" clear grid.]

SUBTLE STYLE: The 10) 18" x 24", 1/8" thick lites serve in cabinets that provide privacy without comprimising quality. The Interior Designer's custom designed cabinets use the contemporary grid pattern of a fine frost with clear grid lines.



(*editor's note: Absonite Glassworks relocated to 480 Barnum Avenue - Suite8, Bridgeport,CT 06608 after this issue was published. Ironically, right into what was the center of P.T. Barnum's "Utopian Town", more on that topic in the future issue of Absonite World. The photos published with this text originally, are no longer accurate and have therefore been excluded from the newsletter archive. Click here to view the 1894 photograph)

Absonite Glassworks New Home

BRIDGEPORT, CT 1894 - The place is 480 Barnum Avenue*. The day is bustling with activity. Steam train engines are heard in the background. Horses clopping, buggy carriages are creaking, squealing children are amused by the gathering... The 10 year anniversary of Rickard's Moving and Storage celebration, complete with photographer. "See the might of the Richard Moving Company - The only moving company in New England capable of moving pianos out of multi story windows". It's the same building that stored Bridgeport's finest residents' possessions.

This building, built in 1874, was originally the property of P.T. Barnum, where he would store his circus equipment during the winter months. Being centrally located near the Railroad, Barnum would winter here in Bridgeport keeping his Barnum & Bailey Circus animals nearby in his park (now West End Lumber and Wentfield baseball field on Wordin Avenue).

In 1884, Chris Rickard purchased the building from P.T. Barnum and it became known as the Rickard Moving & Storage Warehouse.

Its here in this building, the same 480 Barnum Avenue*, that in 1994, Absonite Glassworks relocated and setup it's glass processing and manufacturing operation, occupying the spacious first floor.

One hundred years later, the days are again bustling with activity. But its not by horse & buggy any longer. Nowadays its via telephone, computer, fax, and interstate highway. On the telephone, ideas take form. Whether you have a clear direction or need product consulting, information is gathered for prompt, accurate quotes. On the drawing board, or on the computer, designs are developed and interpreted. Artwork is scaled down and fax'd for approval.

Through a series of workstations, glass projects pass through the Absonite Glassworks facility. Away from the elements of wind and rain, easy loading and unloading of glass is made possible by the interior loading dock. The loading platform makes for convenient loading off the inside of glass trucks. With close proximity to I-95, Absonite Glassworks is only a few blocks away.

Yes, the historic Rickard building is (was) now the new home of Absonite Glassworks. The character of the building served as creative inspiration for prior generations of masters at work. In a line of unique personalities, Absonite's presence continues the spirit of Bridgeport's proud past and a bright future. Absonite Glassworks looks forward to serving the diverse specialty glass needs of New England's building & design industries.


Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534



Le Taxi

MANHATTAN, NY - Located at 37 East 60th St. in New York City, Le Taxi adds to a Paris Bistro decor with Absonite's etched glass. The two template made shapes were gracefully hand beveled. The partition panels were designed to incorporate the privacy of frosted glass with the finery of nouveau decoration. The floral rose arrangement in the centerpieces are carved in multiple stages to create the allure of 3D depth and capture light in the edges. Notice how the clear outlines appear as black lines enhancing the carved borders to "drive" the motif home.

[photograph of dining area with custom shaped beveled tempered etched with bistro art glass partitions]

LE TAXI, Manhatten, NYC, - An interior wall partition using template made shapes, with graceful hand beveling, frosting, carving and shading the glass to a fine detail... Bon!


Brown & Varese

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Located on Golden Hill Street, the secretaries at the law offices of Mr. William T. Browne and Varese created the custom glass panel for their boss, Mr. William Browne (aka Bill Browne). The deep carved "B" monogram is centered within the glue chipped border area. Glue-chipped glass resembles an icy frost pattern that obscures the view and allows available light to pass. This technique is a tasteful alternative when complete privacy is key.

[photograph of multistaged "B" with elaborate victorian decorative centerpiece and brilliantly gluechipped glass border]

Browne & Varese Law Offices, Bridgeport, CT


Frankies Diner

BRIDGEPORT, CT - Located on Barnum Avenue, Frankie's Diner's recent renovation makes a world of difference. Orchestrated by the architect, the etched glass wall divides the space elegantly without closing up the area. The etched pattern echoes and compliments both the carpet and wallpaper designs for a unified coherent quality. The frosted motif is used throughout the diner on 3/8" thick tempered safety glass sleeved into custom millwork.

[photograph of Three dining booths at Frankies Diner with Absonite Glassworks etched glass. Includes a Nouvous frosted motif on clear glass to complement the nouvous decor.]


Black Rock Yacht Club

FAIRFIELD, CT - The Black Rock Yacht Club needed a room divider, so the architect called on Absonite to supply the glass and etching for a sophisticated addition. Using 3/8" thick laminated safety glass, the 24" x 24" lite was etched as a multistaged deep carving. This rendering depicts the 1909 Schooner America measuring more than 90 feet. The sails are frosted, and shading is used for the ship's deck compartment details.

[photograph of the schooner ship etched in glass using carved, shaded and frosted etching techniques]

Black Rock Yacht Club - Part of a movable divider between the formal and casual dining areas


Casa Mia

HARTFORD, CT - Casa Mia Restaurant's Bar makes great use of etched glass. With both Shading and Frosting, the template-cut laminated safety glass acts as a wall partition. The artwork was provided by a Hartford graphic designer. The overlapping shaded lines give a sense of depth to the latice. Dividing the dining area from the bar room with such a design creates a sound barrier with a partial view.

[photograph of etched partition glassthe etched graphic includes a picket fence and trellace with two silouettes of a man and women drinking a glass of wine. Etched in glass using carved, shaded and frosted etching techniques]

Casa Mia Restaurant - An interior wall partition window, employs shading and frosting etching techniques to bring out the beauty of the graphics and depth of the lattice framework.

Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534




Deloitte Touche

WILTON, CT - "Why do all the men have to say 'hello' to the women in the front office near the elevator on their way in and out, 4 times a day?" A beautiful woman in a high visibilty location... and she is considerably more interesting to look at than the hallway bushes in front of the department's clear glass partition. The solution? Someone upstairs likes her. "We'll call Absonite Glassworks, and they'll take care of it."

Absonite had the existing glass deglazed, delivered to the Absonite studio where it was etched with a fine solid frost, then re-installed. The frosted glass insures privacy, and maintains the look of the other additional 300 etched partition lites Absonite Glassworks provided around the D&T complex. For some reason, the hallway plants are looking healthier than ever... maybe they're getting more attention.

[photograph of the Deloitte Touche, all glass wall, shown with a fine satin frost.]


Price Waterhouse

STAMFORD, CT - When Price Waterhouse moved into 3 floors in a highrise, Absonite furnished the reception area, conference room and office sidelights with custom etched glass. It's most striking with it's use of simple, contemporary geometric shapes. The frosted etched glass compliments the ceiling geometry, as well as carpet and frosted glass tabletop patterns. Here the architect's design uses coherent symmetry with complete style. The 31) various sized 1/4" thick tempered safety lites were etched using Absonite's fine frost. Notice how a partial view into the other room is permitted by leaving alternating verticle stripes clear. Both employees and clients enjoy the atmoshere of which etched glass is a part.

[photograph of Price Waterhouse reception area with single doorway on left with etched sidelight, and etched sliding double doors on right.]

Price Waterhouse front conference room located right behind the reception area use Absonite's etched glass in both sliding doors and windows.


Boston Commons

BOSTON, MA - The historic seal of Boston was etched and sealed inside a 1" insulated unit made with 3/8" laminated over 1/4" laminated safety glass. The 16" diameter crest was reproduced photographically to result in a perfect image transfer. This process transfers highly detailed artwork exactly. The unit is a 1/2 round made from a paper template to fit a custom-milled window frame. The carved crest was sealed on the inside of the unit to protect the etching from the elements. It is located at the Visitor's Information Center.

[photograph of the highly detailed historic Seal of Boston, a floral wreath encirling a long view of the Boston Harbour with boats and buildings on the harbour shoreline. Absonite Glassworks used the multistage caved frosted and shaded etching techniques to render the photographically transfered details.]


Cartier & IMS

SHELTON, CT - Cartier maintained their reputation for elegance by installing Absonite's etched glass into their custom front entrance -way of their Shelton location. The interlocking "C" logos have long represented Cartier's quality and was ideal for carving in glass. The horizontal stripes are both carved and frosted to compliment the image of mullions. Absonite's etched glass is incorporated into custom millwork created for another corporate client in the Shelton facility. Below is a photo of IMS - International Management Systems. Etched glass in these locations are fine examples of reinforcing corporate identity in etched glass.

[photograph of Cartier entrance boasting the intertwined C's logo. The deep carved logo etched at eye level, is complimented by carved and frosted horizontal details.]

Cartier Door Panels adorned with a multistaged carving to best portray Cartier's twisting "C's" logo.

[photograph of IMS doorway with the bold IMS text logo sits beneath a large moving globe, using frosted and carved etching techniques.]

IMS Information Management Systems' etched logo in their front entrance makes a bold first impression.

Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534



Leading the trend reversal from ordinary mundane glass use, Absonite Glassworks produces the finest specialty glass available. Servicing New England, providing commercial, corporate, and residential clients with specialty glass to embellish any project. For new building and renovation, Absonite is the source for quality etched glass.

Through our design process, prompt and competitive pricing, and quick lead times, we consistently and reliably produce a quality product. Our ability to supply and process all types of glass, of any size, makes Absonite the preferred specialty glass supplier.

Generally, people are becoming more aware of the role of glass in their environments, and benefit from Absonite's skill, craftsmanship and technique, to create high quality etched glass. Many are discovering glass can be enhanced to serve functionally. For privacy, etched glass allows available light to pass, while obscuring the view. Unlimited artistic expression in boundless aesthetic pursuit, is achieved through Absonite's disciplined control and processing.

Creating three dimensional reverse relief sand carvings, that capture light in it's sparkling iridescence, makes a classic statement of style that speaks for itself with distinction and taste.

It's taken for granted that glass is to be seen through, not looked at. This is where Absonite's trend reversal from ordinary glass use, to fun and functional glass use becomes apparent. Architectural art glass manufacturing is what we do.

Absonite offers significant savings by utilizing the experience gained from every previous project. That wisdom is incorporated into every new project.

Working on both wholesale and retail levels, we'll work with you or your client to develop a coherent design based on your tastes and direction. Often we work directly with the end client on a design level to insure their satisfaction, while billing is done through your company as part of your custom service.

We make it easy to fulfill any client's requests for added value features. Absonite Glass welcomes new clients who are interested in sand etched and specialty glass for all applications.


Etched Glass Terminology

Etching - refers to abrading the glass surface; changing the surface of glass with a micro-abrasive; including frosting, carving or shading glass.

Frosting - an even, solid etch, frosted white; good for privacy.

Carving - a deep etch which gives a three dimensional appearance by catching light in the edges; bas relief.

Shading - an uneven frosting technique, usually used to create an image of depth without carving; a sophisticated alternative to frosting.

Multistaging - the layering of stages to create the image of one element in front of another element; e.g., some rose pedals being over other pedals to give a three dimensional effect. This process is used with carving or shading techniques.

Gluechipping - a surface process which resembles an icy frost on the surface of the glass; used to obscure the glass or as an artistic alternative.

Resist - a special coating on glass that will resist abrasion.

Absonite - 1) Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2) Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.


1) Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2)

Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place

which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite

world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.



[Photograph of Large Spanish Sailing Ship as seen from the Stern. Using multistage carved, frosted and shaded glass etching techniques, the ship's sails are full and the sea is swirling. The ship's multiple masts and rigging are brilliantly edge-lit creating a three dimensional glow.]

ABSONITE WORLD 2nd Quarter, 1994-Vol. 3, Issue 1

Absonite Glassworks is located at 480 Barnum Avenue - Suite 8, Bridgeport, CT 06608. Owners, Authors and Staff writers are: Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec. Advertisers inquiries welcomed. Published from time to time. All photographs taken by Absonite photographers except IMS and Cartier photos taken by Patmore Millwork, Bpt. CT. © 1994-2008, Victoria L. Mullen and Daniel A. Nemec, All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language, in full or in part without the written permission of the authors and copyright owners. Absonite™ and Absonite Glassworks™ are trademarks owned by Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec.

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