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Absonite World, Volume 2, Issue 2, 4th Quarter 1992, $1.25, © 1992-2006 Absonite Glassworks. All Rights Reserved.

Fun And Function

BRIDGEPORT, CT --- Absonite Glassworks combines fun with function in creating custom etched glass. The fun is in viewing the way light interacts with etched glass. With deep carvings, light is captured in the edges and illuminated in brilliant 3D. The functional aspect insures complete privacy while allowing available light to pass.

Pictured left is a close up of a deep carved tabletop corner. Commissioned by a Greenwich client, Absonite created art to match a highly detailed oriental rug, deep carving the graphic into the glass tabletop's underside. The carving, viewed through the glass, mutually accents the oriental rug. Pictured below is an etched interior window between a dining room and kitchen that insures privacy and decorates the dining room with the classic style of a deep carved monogram and gluechipped border. Gluechipping is a technique that creates a sparkling, icy effect on glass.

Often Absonite's clients have a situation like remodeling, new additions, bathroom refinishing, kitchen redecorating, etc., and would like to use glass as an element. The client will usually have an idea of glass to be fit in a specific area: e.g., a dividing window between two rooms, cabinet fronts, bath or bar mirrors, entrances, etc. Further, the client may be interested in achieving some privacy. Whether etchings are purely decorative, or for privacy, or both, Absonite's goal is to supply the proper product and fulfill the client's renovating needs.

The art of staging a deep carved graphic can only be learned through time, and mastered by experience. By combining taste, graphic tools, and high resolution computers and scanners, Absonite achieves the highest levels of glass production and artistic expression.

Absonite's experience in translating art into etched glass is invaluable.


[photograph of a corner of a hexagonal table with 1" bevels, etched with a japanese floral pattern, using the multistaged etching techniques, carving, frosting and shading.]

FLORAL TABLETOP: A detail photo of a custom carved, 3/4" thick tabletop. This design was matched to the carpet design beneath it for an outstanding impact. Our client gave a very lovely gift to their mate.

[photograph of multistaged "B" with elaborate victorian decorative centerpiece and brilliantly gluechipped glass border]

GLUECHIPPED MONOGRAM: An interior window, the gluechipped glass beautifully reflects the available light, and the carved monogram looks quite bold.


Cleanliness, Next to Godliness?

At right is Victoria Mullen dressed in full protective garb. The helmet and clean air hoses keep the "parts per million" to a minimum. Shown below, Victoria frosting glass under high air pressure with a very fine micro abraisive. Absonite offers two textures of solid frosting: Coarse and Fine.

[Photograph of Victoria in protective suit, a smile beaming through her helmut!]

[Photograph of Victoria in action in a specially designed booth, frosting a lite of glass]


Cabinet Fronts

With just a slight decoration to enhance, or a solid frost to mask the contents, etched cabinet glass will complete the look. We offer exclusive designs for hutches, corner hutches, gun cabinets, curios, dry sinks, detailed table tops, and personalized desk tops. Whether your tastes for etched glass focus on an old style Victorian design, or the most contemporary of designs, Absonite Glassworks can provide it.

[Photograph of the Fanny Farmer etched glass logo in the Burlington MA mall, edgelit and glowing!]

CABINET FRONTS: This Cameo design is larger than most cabinets.


Master Bedroom & Bathrooms

Master Bedrooms using etched glass are extremely personal statements. Etched vanity mirrors, custom shower doors, medicine cabinet fronts, full length wall mirrors... all inclusive in the master bath. Surround your master bath with the look of three dimensional sand carvings. Allure that captures and reflects light.

[Photograph closeup of the etched climbing roses detail the beautifully carved and shaded, vine, leaves, rosebuds, and full blooming roses.]

FLORAL IDEAS: Symmetrical Roses, buds and graceful vines garnish these lovely pocket doors.


Recreation Rooms

Recreation rooms are perfect places to show the brilliance of etched glass. Billiards rooms, card rooms, library's... Etched glass adds to the fun in a subliminal way, or as a conversation piece. Whether a room designed for quiet moments, or a room designed for parties, sand carved and frosted glass adds the perfect motif to compliment all fun rooms.

[Photograph of multistage carved, frosted and shaded small sailboat with full wind in sail, over a gluechipped, carved and shaded long island water scene]

COMET SAILBOAT: This wall panel was the finishing touch for a Greenwich "fun room". The sailboat is deep carved and shaded, using coarse and fine textures. The waves were also gluechipped for an added watery effect.


Family Emblems

If you're lucky enough to have a family emblem, you know the benefits of displaying it. Proud longevity symbolized by your family name and coat of arms. Rooms with reflective and meditative qualities have many potential ways to blazon your family emblem.

[Photograph of P.J. Carrol Emblem, a high contrast between clear glass and a fine solid frost.]

FAMILY EMBLEMS: A Touch of Class!



Etched glass offers privacy with style. For example: a solid, satiny fine frost, or a solid sparkling coarse frost... a matter of taste. Either way, completely obscuring the view, while allowing available light to pass. A stylish adornment to insure your privacy.

[Photograph of Mallard Duck flying in for a landing!]

FIREPLACE SCREENS: Portraying a graceful Mallard in flight, ready to land.


Bar Room Signage

Bar Rooms are perfect locations to install custom etched glass and etched mirrors. The classic etched look that people in a home bar room associate with luxury leisure. Feeling at ease, relaxing, enjoying the way carved glass captures light in a three dimensional glow. Timelessness in a word.

Make a personal bar room statement. Surround yourself with the things that make you feel good! Dens, studies, and libraries are good alternatives for etched glass use.

[Photograph of Two lions both shaded and frosted to a fine detail, a crest is positioned between the lions. Very Stately!]

BAR ROOM LOGOS: Anyone would know who's bar they're sitting in. Customized with your unique name and graphic.

Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534


Closing Comments

People are generally becoming more aware of the role of glass in their environments. Many are discovering that glass can be enhanced to serve as a unique design element. Everyday, people in Connecticut are using Absonite's skill and craftsmanship to transform ordinary mundane glass into extraordinary glass art.

What makes glass such an interesting design element is it's interaction with light. When glass is carved, light is captured in the depth, brilliantly illuminating the carved image. Creating three dimensional sand carvings that capture light in it's sparkling iridescence.

We at Absonite Glassworks will design custom etched glass for your home environments. We create sand carved and etched glass, and supply all specialty glass types like antique style glass, rolled glass, or any of the various highly detailed glass textures available.

We'll work with you directly on a design level, or via your architect's or interior designer's ideas to develop a coherent design based on your tastes and directions. With our thorough design process, we consistently produce high quality products for the most sophisticated tastes. We can create artwork suitable for etching from virtually any source. Artistically, our styles of design are unlimited.

For renovating your home, or for new building, we make it easy to fulfill any request for unique glass design elements. Absonite uses the most professional glaziers to provide convenient delivery and safe, high quality installation. The ability to supply and process all types of glass of any size, including all types of safety glass, makes Absonite Glassworks the source for custom etched glass and specialty glass of any kind. We welcome new clients and challenging projects.

The ABSONITE SHIP: Portraying the fine techniques of multistaged deep carving, frosting, and shading glass to a fine detail.


Etched Glass Terminology

Etching - refers to abrading the glass surface; changing the surface of glass with a micro-abrasive; including frosting, carving or shading glass.

Frosting - an even, solid etch, frosted white; good for privacy.

Carving - a deep etch which gives a three dimensional appearance by catching light in the edges; bas relief.

Shading - an uneven frosting technique, usually used to create an image of depth without carving; a sophisticated alternative to frosting.

Multistaging - the layering of stages to create the image of one element in front of another element; e.g., some rose pedals being over other pedals to give a three dimensional effect. This process is used with carving or shading techniques.

Gluechipping - a surface process which resembles an icy frost on the surface of the glass; used to obscure the glass or as an artistic alternative.

Resist - a special coating on glass that will resist abrasion.

Absonite - 1) Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2) Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.

1) Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2)

Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place

which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite

world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.



[Photograph of Large Spanish Sailing Ship as seen from the Stern. Using multistage carving, frosting and shading techniques, the ship's sails are full and the sea is swirling. The ship's multiple masts and rigging are brilliantly edge-lit creating a three dimensional glow.]

ABSONITE WORLD 2nd Quarter, 1992-Vol. 2, Issue 2

Absonite Glassworks is located at 480 Barnum Avenue - Suite 8, Bridgeport, CT 06608. Owners, Authors and Staff writers are: Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec. Advertisers inquiries welcomed. Published from time to time. © 1991-2008, Victoria L. Mullen and Daniel A. Nemec, All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language, in full or in part without the written permission of the authors and copyright owners. Absonite™ and Absonite Glassworks™ are trademarks owned by Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec.

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