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ABSONITE WORLD, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2nd Quarter,1992 $1.25 © 1992-2006, Absonite Glassworks, All Rights Reserved.


- Other Nauti News...

- Private Corporate Interiors

- AIA vs. ASID, ...A Growing Controversy?

- Offering another way out

- New Restaurant Commentary



NEW YORK - Yesterday at the United Nations building, a diplomatic correspondent unveiled the international disclosure stating, "Unidentified beings had been discovered exporting finely etched glass to their home planet". A Security Council Member stated the culprits were allegedely caught trying to sneak out of this world with etched glass.

To date, there have been hundreds of sightings of unidentified beings throughout the universe. It is believed that these beings have been smuggling etched glass out of this universe since the early 1800's.

Because news of Absonite's custom etched glass has travelled to the far corners of the galaxy, it was no surprize when an alien was sighted peeking into the window at Absonite Glassworks in Bridgeport, CT.

Further investigation uncovered three additional "beings" inside the studio (see photo on page 3). Notice the alien's breathing apparatus which allows clean air breathing. The aliens were captured red handed carrying the etched glass. As there were no visible signs of entry, it is believed the beings used "seraphic transport" to smuggle the etched glass out of Bridgeport to a neighboring universe.

Though the beings disclosed their ages as 110, 135, and 152 earth years, they explained that they are considered minors on their planet. The beings were captured at 480 Barnum Avenue* in Bridgeport, CT, with etched glass in hands. So the three aliens were released on their own recognizance with a promise to appear. There has been no remark from experts on the eminent glow which permeates from the building after dark.

The UN diplomatic correspondent reported further that other locations on the planet had been victoms of the alledged seraphic transport and intergalactic smuggling of custom etched glass. Namely, a museum in France, a church in Rome, and a Glass Museum in upstate New York were among those listed with missing etched glass.

[Photograph of three "Aliens" carrying a lite of glass. You can tell they're aliens because of the helmuts and suits they wear, space people!]

BRIDGEPORT - Three aliens caught red handed smuggling custom etchings from Absonite Glassworks to other planets! Gov. Weicker's considering a pro-rated Export Tax from the "beings".

(*editor's note: Absonite Glassworks relocated to 480 Barnum Avenue - suite 8, Bridgeport, CT 06608 after this issue was published. Ironically, right into what was the center of P.T. Barnum's "Utopian Town", more on that topic in the future issue of Absonite World.).


Fun and Functional Etched Glass

GREENWICH - Fun renovations in Greenwich led Mrs. Pat Fortenbaugh to Absonite to create glass for the fun room. Filling an existing window with etched glass would make a fine entrance way into the billiards room. Absonite converted an enlarged sentimental boating photograph into line art. Pat gave her husband a very personal gift from the heart, and added a totally new look to the fun room.

Absonite combined many glass processing techniques to fully enhance the finished art glass window. Employed was a coarse grit abrasive used for the waves, the wake of the craft, and the stars in the sky. The finest grit size was used to deep carve the ship and rigging details. The fine abrasive produces a solid, satiny finish best suited for carving, frosting or shading techniques. By GlueChipping the glass, the result was a shimmering watery effect. The Gluechipping completed this lovely addition to the newely finished game room.

In another room, Pat wanted to etch a contemporary tabletop, coordinating with a highly detailed oriental rug. Absonite designed a complimentary Chinese floral design based on photographs of the rug, deep carving the images into the glass tabletop. The octagonal tabletop was 46"x46" with a 1" bevel all around. Pat was very pleased with both her commissioned projects. Many thanks to Pat and her good taste in architectural art glass.

[Photograph of multistage carved, frosted and shaded small sailboat with full wind in sail, over a gluechipped, carved and shaded long island sound]

Greenwich residential renovation makes fun and functional use of carving, frosting and gluechipping photo of husband's "Comet", sailing off New Jersey coastline.


Other Nauti-News

LONG ISLAND SOUND - A special client recently called on Absonite to provide a very special etched project. The retired Director of the Department of Protocol at the White House, Washington, DC, Mr. Robert Mosbacher wanted etchings of his family Burgees on two door lites for his island summer home in the Long Island Sound. The burgee graphics were centered and frosted in the door lites along with an etched border design. Though the etchings looked stunning in the studio, Absonite will sail for photos on the island paradise.

(editor's note: Mr. Robert Mosbacher, the retired Director of the Department of Protocol at the White House, Washington, DC, recently {Aug. '97} passed away in his Greenwich CT home. Mr. Robert Mosbacher will be missed.)


New Doorway Offers Another Way Out

RYE, NY - The American Yacht Club of Westchester County, planned to renovate their entrance way. Absonite provided the necessary glass enhancements. The project consisted of a custom mahogany doorway embellished with 8 transome lites and two door lites. Each piece of glass was custom beveled with elegant 2" bevels. The two doorlites measuring 22"x39", were etched with the American Yacht Club's finely detailed corporate seal.

Absonite used a photographic process to accomplish the finely detailed logo etching. Though this process is not the most economic means of creating etchings, the resultant etching is the absolute finest quality possible for a graphic as finely detailed as the American Yacht Club's graphic (see detail photo on right). The overall appearance of the doorway creates a sophisticated allure which leaves a lasting impression on visitors entering and exiting the club.

[Photograph of photographically transfered, highly detailed American Yatch Club logo on 2 1/4" beveled tempered safety glass. The artwork contains a maritime boating setting with highly detailed steam boat, masts, flags, and very minute, 1/64" ship windows with a view of the side of the ship in the water. The logo was frosted with a fine satiny finish]

RYE, NY - A close up detail of one of the American Yacht Club's finely detailed door lites.


ASID vs AIA, The Growing Controversy?

WASHINGTON, DC - In our last issue, a decision on whether the ASID or AIA groups specifies more etched glass in their respective industries had not be reached by CT architects and interior designers. This local conflict has erupted into a national controversy.

Experts have provided significant evidence to support their claims that "they" are the biggest providers of custom etched glass. The AIA's lobbyist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, boasted an arsenol of quality etched glass specified in their projects and their unique applications were many. The ASID lobbyist, also speaking anonymously, sported an array of quality etched glass designs in their original interior projects, including artistic and "one of a kind" designs.

Exhaustive efforts have been made to analyze the available statistics. Absonite will be called to testify before a house subcommittee regarding the actual leader in CT, and add data to the national debate.


Quote du jour:

"The Recession is Over."

President George Bush



SPECIAL ON SALE! Curved Fireplace Screens

$125 Our Stock Designs, $150 and up Custom Designs

Unique curved glass panels, frosted with your choice of stock designs, at stock prices! Absonite will create custom designs to fit your decor, based on your taste. Call Absonite for details... (203) 330-1134

(editor's note: Absonite's stock of these panels sold out within 3 months. The raw materials were originally purchased as seconds already curved at an auction. Having bent glass custom manufactured requires more resources than the costs in this advertisement imply!)


Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534


Pocket Doors Make Elegant Foyer

NEW CITY, NY - These pocket doors are big... they're so big, they won't fit in anyone's pocket. Part of a lovely residential estate, these magnificent pocket doors include deep carved and shaded glass. Absonite Glassworks created the etched glass using 2) 18"x48" lites per door. Each panel is carved with graceful vines supporting rose blooms and sprouting buds, forming a symetrical rose garden pattern across the 4 lites.

[Photograph of a large double door entrance glazed with multistaged carved and etched glass. The motif used is a symetrical climbing rose. The etched roses are beautifully carved and shaded, and the vine and leaves reveal the multistaged etching techniques.]

[Photograph closeup of the etched climbing roses detail the beautifully carved and shaded, vine, leaves, rosebuds, and full blooming roses.]

NEW CITY, NY - The two stately doors are each a whopping 44"x84".


Brief Etched Commentary

- Franklin Glass, Stamford, enjoys custom carved and gluechipped glass. Made on 3/8" thick laminated safety glass, this panel measures 32"x36". Absonite provided the biggest size chips possible. Using the combined techniques of frosting, carving and gluechipping, a wonderful showpiece was created using the time-tested Franklin Glass graphic designed in 1922.

- Sorrento Ristorante, Hartford, 371 Franklin Ave., recently celebrated their grand opening boasting Absonite's custom etched glass. Below are views, with a focus on a Roman allure creating a warm Italian atmosphere. The three 1/2" thick panels, each 40"x54" were produced to resemble a view through stone archways covered by time grown climbing vines. The Roman urns sport the "Olympus Moon Plant" in full bloom.

- Bobbie R's, Monroe, Main St.- Rt.25, A brand new Restaurant and Bar. Absonite created a 97"x31" temp. glass lite with lions and shield employing a positive multistaged shading technique. Also 3) 24"x44" back panels negatively frosted with the shield graphic remaining clear. A well done English pub style decor .


[Photograph of the Franklin Glass art glass. Beautifully carved, frosted, shaded, and gluechipped. The interior of the letters is shaded, the outline is deep carved capturing the light. Surrounding the distinctive text logo is textural gluechipped glass. This piece reflects the Franklin Glass company's attention to detail, and high quality.]

Franklin Glass: Custom etched 3/8" laminated safety glass with deep carved logo and custom gluechipping make a fine display piece.


[Photograph of Sorrentos Restaurant etched glass as seen from the barside of the restaurant. The large etched glass panels create a nice perspective as a visual backdrop, absorb sound, and transmit light with some privacy. Multistage carved and shaded etching techniques are used throughout these pieces]

Sorrentos Restaurante: A long view of the three deep carved glass dividing panels featured in the new Sorrento Ristorante located in Hartford.


[Photograph of Sorrentos Restaurant etched detail. The leaves and vines are multistage carved growing over the frosted and shaded stucco masonry corner pattern.]

Sorrentos Restaurante: Closeup Detail. Deep carving and shading on 1/2" thick glass, captures available light, fully illuminating the muti-technique design.


RXR Group's Reception Area

STAMFORD, CT - Creative use of fine wood and etched glass make a stately and secure impression to the visitors to the reception area of RXR Group. Absonite helped provide that imagery by thoroughly frosting the 10 surrounding panels leaving the RXR logo clear in the 11th center panel. This design is an elegant and cost effective way to include signage and achieve privacy in a corporate financial atmosphere. RXR Group's etched glass wall as seen from the reverse, opposite the reception area. The beauty of the RXR logo is that it reads correctly backwards or forwards; a palindrome.

[Photograph as seen from behind the RXR's reception area. A fine woodworking and etched glass applications. The RXR logo appears about 12" high and is rendered as clear glass on a fine satny finish creating a high contrast corporate logo.]



STAMFORD, CT - This project portrays the advantages of using etched glass in interior rennovations: privacy, and lighting. Pictured on the left are the coarse frosted all-glass conference room doors. Though the doors look very classy, they can't be seen through easily. Pictured above are the interior partitions. Here, 6) 34"x54" laminated safety glass lites were first carved with a 1/16th inch border surrounding theclear triangle motif, and the edges of a 1/2" clear border. Then a coarse frost was used to obscure the glass. These clear bands in the etched glass line up with a recessed detail line imbedded in the surrounding walls which circles the room in continuity. Sunlight is captured in the carved border highlights as an understated effect. The use of etched glass in a variety of locations throughout the office demonstrates the ability of etched glass to blend into a contemporary corporate decor. Acting functionally as a privacy partition and making very good use of available light.

[Photograph of Confab's conference room with a view over the conference table. Seen in the background are all glass frosted doors with 3) 2" clear bands running horizontally through each door.]

Confab's conference room carries the clear line motif on the all-glass doors etched for privacy. Etched transom lights seal the room.

[Photograph of Confab's carved and frosted triangle detail on office partition panels. The carved triangle is surrounded by a satiny fine frost for privacy.]

Confab's carved and frosted office partitions use available light.


PJ Carroll

STAMFORD, CT - It took no less than 88) 32"x36" laminated safety panels to fill all the spaces allocated for etched glass on two floors of PJ Carroll's showroom and offices. 86 of the panels were frosted leaving 1/2" cross lines clear resembling traditional windows. The remaining 2 panels were frosted with the highly detailed graphicleft clear. The logo panels are part of an interior wall seperating the sales department from the reception area. The balance of the panels were used in the upper conference room and the lower showroom. Inside the showroom the frosted panels were also utilized in pocket doors to seperate an adjacent office area.

[Photograph of P.J. Carrol And Company's corporate logo. The details are clear glass on a fine satin finish resulting in a striking contrast.]

A closeup of P.J. Carroll's logo. This lite measures 32"x36".



STAMFORD, CT - Pictured left are the Chartwell office sidelights; unique in design by Absonite Glassworks. By alternating stripes of etched and clear glass on both sides, the lites appear solidly frosted when being viewed directly. From far angles, secretaries or anyone else, can see if the office is occupied. This permits a partial view while preserving complete privacy for details.

[Photograph of Chartwell office sidelight etched glass with office in background. A unique product which changes amounts of privacy depedning on the viewer's angle.]

Chartwell's use of etched glass allows privacy with a partial view.


Fanny Farmer Style

BURLINGTON, MA - When Fanny Farmer decided to make an impression, it was done with style by edgelighting their deep carved cameo and text, glowing with 3 dimensionality. Absonite provided the 4.5'x 11' custom made 1/2" laminated safety glass panel. By edgelighting carved glass, light is captured in the carving in brilliant 3D. Fanny Farmer stores are located nationally and are renowned for their exquisite quality in chocolate and confections. Deep carved and edgelit glass displays high quality, with eye catching effectiveness.

[Photograph of the Fanny Farmer etched glass logo in the Burlington MA mall, edgelit and glowing!]

BURLINGTON, MA - Edgelit 54"x132", custom 1/2" laminated safety glass, deep carved with Fanny Farmer's graphic.


Sparkling Quality & Belden Jewelers

MILFORD - Just before the Connecticut Post Shopping Mall was to open for the Christmas holiday season following a major overhauled mall design, Absonite was called to provide the finishing touches for the new Belden Jewelers signage. Although the '91 Christmas holiday season waned with a cautious economy, Belden Jewelers displayed their high standards in excellence including their quality signage. The specialty glass signage utilized a combination of techniques to accomplish the project's requirements of a crystal clear contrast. Employed was a solid vinyl backing and custom, computer-cut resist. After processing, recutting and removing the black vinyl, Absonite carefully frosted the letters. The resulting product will only allow light to pass where the letters were frosted to a satin finish. This also achieved a subdued brilliance and sparkle which only etched glass can deliver. With Absonite's etched glass, you will be sure not to miss Belden Jewelers.

[Photograph of Beldon Jeweler's etched signage found displayed over their entrance at their Milford CT mall storefront. This is a highly visable signage surely attracts attention!]

MILFORD - Absonite Glassworks created custom etched specialty signage that will shine out in the new Connecticut Post


Advertisement for Absonite Glassworks: specializing in... frosted glass / carved glass / shaded glass / gluechipped glass / beveled glass / safety glass/ tempered safety glass / laminated safety glass / shapes and shaped glass / curved glass / spandrel / insulated glass units / mirrors / specialty glass / clear specialty glass types / photographic etching transfer / etched glass, call (203) 330-1134 , or fax (203) 378-2534




Sorrentos Ristorante, Hartford, 3) 40"x54", 1/2" thick plate glass, with deep carved Roman balcony design.

Bobbie R's, Monroe, 1) 94"x32" 1/4" tempered, frosted and shaded with ferocious Lions and Coat of Arms, also 3)43"x24" partitions frosted solid with a clear shield graphic centered.

Gargano's Family Restaurant Bridgeport, 1) 63"x16" 1/4" tempered and 2) 60"x24", all frosted solid with clear corner motifs and borders.

Rupert's, Riverdale, NJ, 4) 60"x24", 1/4" tempered glass with 1" bevel, solid frost with clear border revealing the bevel line.

Pizzaria Uno, New Haven, various sized frosted glass panels.

Bourbon Street, Stamford, various sized laminated glass with carved logo in door. Also mirror partition panels, frosted on reverse leaving mirrored design on frosted glass.

Bugbee and Brownell, Darien, 12"x30" front entrance panels fosted with victorian design.

Chez Sensual Restaurant, New York, 4) 36"x60" custom beveled pink-rosa mirrors for bar room, and 1)42"x72" custom beveled pink-rosa mirror with carved logo and red neon back lighting fixture.

The World Is Yours, Bridgeport. 18"x36" mirror with deep carved logo in door entrance partition.

Conde's Restaurant, Hyatt-Regency, Greenwich, 20"x42" mirror carved and frosted on front surface with matching buffet partition panels.



CVS Drugstore, Greenwich, 2) 36"x64" 1/4" mirror with frosted CVS logo on front surface.

The Lobster Bin, Greenwich, 1) 96"x66", 1" insulated glass unit, with frosted 3" high Lobster Bin text logo, and large, deep carved lobster on platter.

Belden Jewelers, Milford, vinyl backed and frosted back-lit entrance signage for new mall location.

Fanny Farmer, MA., 4.5'x11', 1/2" thick, custom laminated safety glass, deep carved and edgelit from above for storefront for Burlington Mall.

Salon Maggi, Blackrock, custom wall mirrors and glass shelving.

Pacelli's and Ligouri's Bakery/Cafe, Monroe, 132) 24"x24" beveled tempered safety with custom colored spandrel, and, 30) 60"x9" 1/4" mirror soffitt panels etched to remove mirror leaving abstract mirrored design, also backlit.



Bennett, Hartsdale, NY, 60" diameter, 3/4" plate glass tabletop, coarse frosted with a graduated 27" diameter circle.

Raphaello Warwick, RI, 5) 36"x72", 1" insulated units, frosted with a geometric pattern sealed inside for protection against the sea air. Ot Ot

Garber, Easton, 36"x24" oval mirror, deep carved on front surface with shell graphic and border design.

Springer, Stamford, 2) 22"x36" laminated safety glass with deep carved victorian floral design.

Lutters, Shelton, 2) 18"x36" cabinet fronts, carved and frosted with Tiffany style Ivy Vine artwork

Mosbacher, Greenwich, two Morgan Doors etched with personal burgee and 3/16" borderline to adorn a cottage entrance on an island in Long Island Sound.

Antler, Darien, 3 various sized, custom etched tempered shower doors, shaded with family crests and custom monograms.

Winschel, Stratford, 40" x 54" bathroom mirror etched on front surface with floral corner motifs and golfer in mid swing.

Coclin, Stratford, 24"x36" template cut shape doorlite, gluechipped and frosted with detailed border design, and matching 16"x72" sidelite, frosted and gluechipped in a classic style with center motif.

Katzman, Bethany, 4' x 6' interior window installed into a wall dividing two rooms. The frosted graphic consisted of many geometric shapes balanced on various planes to support each other. This art was provided by the architect.

Browne, Stratford, 18" x 36" bathroom window, deep carved decorative monogram, and embellished decorative gluechipping.

Valdez, Bridgeport, 25"x12" Boudoir mirror, hearts, flowers and names ĆAlta & Junior', frosted on front surface.

Cassidy, Fairfield, 18" x 72" sidelite, deep carved callallies, and gluechipping for privacy.

Milne, Niantic, 2) 11" x 55" insulated sidelights, with 1" bevels and custom gluechipping.

Kaufman, Stmfd, 52) 7"x13" 1/8" mirror, frosted on reverse leaving artistic line mirrored, also 1) 18"x66" shower door and 2) 15"x45" 3/16" grey laminated safety complimentary cabinet fronts, all custom frosted, carved and gluechipped with art deco design.

Sebor, Westport, 3) 3/8" tempered safety glass shower enclosures, various sized, frosted on both surfaces with coarse and fine abrasive textures in contemporary style, also 2) bedroom door lites 18"x48" 3/8" laminated safety, also carved and frosted with two textured abrasives, and 1) 32"x74" wine celler door, fine frosted with clear border and contemporary detail, and also a backlit vanity mirror 54"x36" carved and frosted on both sides with two texture abrasives.



Hyatt Regency, Greenwich, Health Club replacement door 19.25"x80.5" custom frosted with Health Club graphic remaining clear.

Ramada Inn, Shelton, 4'x6' mirror with 36" circular logo frosted on the front surface for dining room glass panels.



American Yacht Club, Rye, NY, a fine example of custom glass used in an entrance: 8) 10"x16" with 2" bevels for overhead transom and 2) 24"x48" door panels custom frosted with the intricate ship logo using a high quality photo-resist to produce the finely detailed graphic reproduction in glass.



Chartwell Reinsurance, Stamford, 6) 24"x42", 1/4" thick tempered safety glass, each frosted on both surfaces with alternating 1/8" frosted, 1/8" clear lines, thus appearing completely frosted when viewed from directly in front.

Greenwich Capital Markets, Gwch., 4' x 8', 1/2" thick tempered, frosted with corporate logo.

GE Capital, General Electric, Stamford, 1) 16"x24" mirror with 1" bevel, deep carved on front surface with the GE logo and text.

GECC - General Electric Credit Corp, Stamford, 27) 12"x31", 1/4" thick, white laminated safety glass lites, lettered with 4" high Univers typestyle lettering for Corporate Cafeteria signage.

Deloitte Touche,Wilton, 140) 1/4" tempered safety glass lites, solid frost with clear line border, sizes ranging from 18"x36" to 130"x24".

3M Corp., Wallingford, 4 sliding tempered glass cabinet fronts with deep carved 3M logos; 1" beveled, tempered, trapazoid desktop with deep carved 3M logo.

FootAction, White Plains, NY, a 10"x20" interior window deep carved with FootAction,U.S.A. graphic.

P. J. Carroll, Stamford, 88 conference room windows frosted with cross lines remaining clear, also 2) 36"x36" panels with finely detailed P.J. Carroll Logos.

Confab, Stamford, 1/2" thick, All-Glass doors frosted with clear lines, also 6) 34"x54"carved and frosted interior office partitions; also various sized frosted transom lights.

SB General, Greenwich, 4'x8' glass room divider with 4" frosted boxes and 1/2" clear lines grid design.

JWH-John W. Henry, Westport, various custom wall to wall mirrors for executive weight room.

500 Corporate Ridge, Hartford, 10) 36"x36", 1/4" mirror, frosted on front surface with symetrical squares, and 10) 16"x16" tempered, with solid frostand symetrical 4" squares remaining clear.

RXR Group, Stamford, 11) various sized frosted panes to surround a 30"x40" frosted lite with logo remaining clear.



Oriel, Stratford, glass overlays for optical glass catalog cover photos.

Canada Dry, Bpt./Stamford, beer mugs carved with Canada Dry's logo for use in photography advertisements. The tiny ® symbol could still be read among the bubbles. This is a very important detail.

Monitor Magazine, Stamford, award props for Top 50 spermarket competitions, used through magazine as headlines.



CGDA-Connecticut Glass Dealers Association, CT, 3/4" thick with 1" bevel, deep carved with "Man of the Year-1991" and CGDA graphic.

Newsweek, NY, & IBM, Stamford glass tennis racket, carved with strings and award graphics.

Executive Sports Promotions, Greenwich, awards for various corp. executives.

Wyse and Griswold Advertising Agencies, OH, sponsered a basketball tournament with an award of a 24"x48" glass basketball back-board, deep carved with the logos for all participating client logos: The players included: Smuckers, American Electric Power, Dutchboy, BF Goodrich, Carrier Transicold, Moen, Sherwin Williams, General Dynamics, Stouffer Hotels and Resorts, and Gencorp.

Black Rock Castle, Fairfield, carved trophies for local sports awards.



Sports and Vintage Motor Cars, Stfd, 12"x18" octagon with 1/2" bevel, deep carved with 1936 Cord Auto in Art Deco style.

Von Dwingelo, Canaan, 11" dia. circle bronze laminated Van Window, carved and frosted with two highly detailed unicorns.


Absonite Glassworks - Closing Page

Leading the trend reversal from ordinary mundane glass use, Absonite Glassworks produces the finest specialty glass available. We service CT, NY, RI and MA, providing residential, corporate, and commercial clients with specialty glass to embellish any project. For new building or renovations, Absonite is the right place for quality etched glass.

Through our design process, prompt and competitive pricing, and quick lead times, we consistantly and reliably produce a quality product. Our ability to supply and process all types of glass, of any size, makes Absonite the preferred specialty glass supplier.

Generally, people are becoming more aware of the role of glass in their environments, and benefit from Absonite's skill, craftsmenship and technique, to create high quality etched glass. Many are discovering glass can be enhanced to serve functionally. For privacy, etched glass allows available light to pass, while obscuring the view. Unlimited artistic expression in boundless aesthetic pursuit, is achieved through Absonite's disciplined control and processing.

Creating three dimensional reverse relief sand carvings, that capture light in it's sparkling iridescence, makes a classic statement of style that speaks for itself with distinction and taste.

It's taken for granted that glass is to be seen through, not looked at. This is where Absonite's trend reversal from ordinary glass use, to fun and functional glass use, is the leading architectural art glass manufacturer.

Absonite offers significant savings by utilizing the experience gained from every previous project. That wisdom is incorporated into each new project.

Working on both wholesale and retail levels, we'll work with you or your client to develop a coherent design based on your tastes and direction. Often we work directly with the end client on a design level to insure their satisfaction, while billing is done through your company as part of your custom service.

We make it easy to fulfill any client's requests for added value features. Absonite Glass welcomes new clients who are interested in sand etched and specialty glass for all applications.

[Photograph of mallard beautiful ducks in flight over a coastal cove, multistage carved shaded and frosted to a fine detail]

BRIDGEPORT - Absonite's Mallard detail is a closeup of one of a 3 piece fireplace screen set. Each curved glass panel catches and reflects light in a very unique and dramatic way.


Etched Glass Terminology

Etching - refers to abrading the glass surface; changing the surface of glass with a micro-abrasive; including frosting, carving or shading glass.

Frosting - an even, solid etch, frosted white; good for privacy.

Carving - a deep etch which gives a three dimensional appearance by catching light in the edges; bas relief.

Shading - an uneven frosting technique, usually used to create an image of depth without carving; a sophisticated alternative to frosting.

Multistaging - the layering of stages to create the image of one element in front of another element; e.g., some rose pedals being over other pedals to give a three dimensional effect. This process is used with carving or shading techniques.

Gluechipping - a surface process which resembles an icy frost on the surface of the glass; used to obscure the glass or as an artistic alternative.

Resist - a special coating on glass that will resist abrasion.

Absonite - 1) Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2) Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.

1) Among realities... of the transcendental level. 2)

Things or beings that have no beginning and no end. 3) Things that take place

which are not limited by time or space. 4) Doing the absolute best, in a finite

world. 5) Quality carved and etched glass.



[Photograph of Large Spanish Sailing Ship as seen from the Stern. Using multistage carving, frosting and shading techniques, the ship's sails are full and the sea is swirling. The ship's multiple masts and rigging are brilliantly edge-lit creating a three dimensional glow.]

ABSONITE WORLD 2nd Quarter, 1992-Vol. 2, Issue 1

Absonite Glassworks is located at 480 Barnum Avenue - Suite 8, Bridgeport, CT 06608. Owners, Authors and Staff writers are: Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec. Advertisers inquiries welcomed. Published from time to time. © 1992-2008, Victoria L. Mullen and Daniel A. Nemec, All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language, in full or in part without the written permission of the authors and copyright owners. Absonite™ and Absonite Glassworks™ are trademarks owned by Victoria Mullen and Daniel Nemec.

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