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Absonite Glassworks specializes in creating custom etched glass. We are a full service organization spanning design
through installation. Whether the project is artistic, commercial, corporate, or residential, we can satisfy the client's
needs. Our quotes and production lead times are accurate.

Notice how light is captured in the edges of the carving, brilliantly illuminated in 3D. This three dimensional effect is
accomplished through multistaging (a controlled "layering" or staging of the graphic). Carved glass is the most
sophisticated of the etching techniques.

We are very happy to work with clients that appreciate etched glass. The type of art and the amount of detail in the
graphic will dictate which etching process will best render the artwork.

We are ready to work with new clients and accounts everywhere. Lets get to work!

Tel: 203-330-1134, or email quote requests to click here.

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